Is This Thing On Podcast number 58

Is This Thing on Podcast 58

Is This Thing on Podcast 58

This week I was joined by my very good friends Drew Harris and Dave Miles.

As well as singing his famous Subcontinental Travel Sick Blues he also bought a few tracks that he has played on his own fine radio show on BCFM

First off though I played 10,000 leaves by the amazing Bella Kardassis, Dave responded with a fine live track Spider from Bristol artist Andy Skelton. I then countered with In To The Sea by Matt Stevens.
Dave then played his famous tune, the aforementioned Subcontinental Travel Sick Blues live in the studio and then introduced Stanton Delaplaine and his amazing tune Concrete.
It was then time for Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox to come and wax lyrical about 30 Pound of Bone and I followed up with Loser Rock by The Lost Boys.
Dave then introduced the sublime Baba Yaga’s Consort playing a live version of their track Snakes.
I closed the show with a rendition of a song I wrote for Dave, imaginatively titled Dave. worth clicking on the link if only just to see a lovely picture of Dave, all poise and sophistication!

No boobies this week, you’ll just have to check out last weeks instead…

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Is This Thing On Podcast 57



It’s another “lets focus on the music as Nick is a bit of a shambles” podcasts this week!

But what amazing music, I kicked off with  Three’s Company by the amazing Helen Austin Helen Austin then Can’t You See My Side by the brilliant Haunted Stereo Haunted Stereo and then Langir Skigger a live track recorded for Icelandic radio by the awesome Menn Arsins Menn Arsins. Paul Lane from Unplug The Jukebox and I chatted in my car about The Lost Souls Club.The Lost Souls Club

Then I played the brand new track Panic by the cosmic Gideon’s Demise followed by a new track by Paul LiddellPaul Liddell the cracking tune Boots.

I also found space to play a great track called Like a Drug by Australian band The Milkmen

I played a little demo that has the working title Froggy Demca.

I mentioned that the mighty Justin Wayne is working on a new website for me and urged you to check every now and then to follow its progress as great things will be happening there.

Congratulations to Wookies Girl for spotting her Pair of the Week last week. Cds and badges will be winging their way across the pond very soon.

Pair of the Week is a bit of fun to help promote the great Boobie Wednesday breast cancer awareness website and is a picture of a pair of clothed worksafe boobs. To see this weeks Pair Of The Week just click here and if they are your boobs then email me and I will send you some cds and a badge!

To listen to this weeks episode you can click here…

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Paul Lane and I decided to do the first of what I hope with be a regular 6 weekly special of tracks reviewed by Paul on his Unplug The Juke box feature. We had a great time with not only some great tracks but also we were lucky enough to be joined by Dan from The Lost Boys who performed a track so new that the rest of his band had yet to hear it. Anja McClosky Turn - Turn - Turn - EP - Anja Mc Closkey also graced us with her presence, her piano accordion, her amazing voice and  by Andy on guitar and a fantastic fiddle player whose name escapes me but they both also join her playing as they do for Haunted StereoHaunted Stereo They made a fantastic sound!

Along with some sensible chat from Paul (I took a bit of a back seat in this one) we played some of his favourite tracks from the last few months. Tracks by These Fine Galleons, The Manic Shine The Manic Shine,  The Chase  Ever, Never Or Now? - EP - The Chase,  Mutant Vinyl and I played one of Paul’s favourites but not his first choice as my throat is far to rough (I have a bit of a sore throat) to belt out That Woman. To find out what I sang you’ll have to listen.

To listen and subscribe via good old iTunes click this Nick Tann - Is This Thing On? or if you don’t like good old iTunes then off to Podbean with you, plenty of options there.

If all this is too much for you and you just want to listen here and now, then just click here and your dreams will be answered

Just because it’s no longer November and therefore no longer breast cancer awareness month doesn’t meant that we have forgotten about Boobie Wednesday and their message of self examination and to remind you just click here for this weeks Pair of The Week. Work safe boobies, that should help you remember eh?

If these are your pair then email me and I’ll send you some free cds and a badge, A BADGE!!

All back to normal next week.

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Is This Thing On Podcast 55

Nick Tann Is This Thing on Podcast 55

Nick Tann Is This Thing on Podcast 55

In this weeks episode I play great tracks from American band King Never King Never, Russian band Vega, American duo Camp Out Camp Out, American DWH, British band The Rebs The Rebs, Leylileyli , The very British Tom Caulfield and the cosmopolitan ME Nick Tann.

You heard from Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox as well as Veronica from Boobie Wednesday.

I forgot to mention the “Pair of The Week” on the podcast but here are this weeks pair and magnificent they are I’m sure you agree! These are work safe clothed boobs. I believe there are many others available on the internet….

I asked you to subscribe to the podcast, which you can by clicking this button Nick Tann - Is This Thing On? or if you are adversed to iTunes then click here for other subscription options.

To listen to this episode straight away then CLICK HERE

Until next week, BYE!!

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Is This Thing On Podcast 54

Yawning Nick Tann

Yawning Nick Tann

In a packed podcast I played The Statler Project The Dirtbag Love AffairWakin' Sawsound Sawsound SRM1138, Salme Dahlstrom Salme The Lost Boys The , Lisa Hogan Lisa and IreneB IreneB

I murmured my way through as I was very tired, sorry.

I dedicate this podcast to all the lovely folk I met at the Watch With Mothers meet up on Friday “We’re off of the internet!”

I sang one of my tunes live but forgot the last verse, think I may have got away with it.

Paul Lane from Unplug The Jukebox came in and raved about The Chase

The fragrant Veronica from Booby Wednesday encouraged us to examine our boobs I hope we all will!

Listen to this in iTunes Nick click on the podbean link on the right or just click here to listen right now



Boobie Wednesday pair of the week is from Ima Fluffhead worksafe boobs!

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This Sunday


I usually use this blog to promote the podcast, however I am playing a big gig on Sunday and need some support.

If you are anywhere near, or in Southampton this Sunday come along and see me play on a big stage at one of the best venues in the south The Brook.

I’ll be sharing my spot with Chalky Gravell and top drum dude Steve Christy. Other bands playing will be The Melodramas, The Lost Souls Club and Light Divided

The Brook  is located at 466 Portswood Road,Southampton

I will be on at 8pm with doors opening at 7.30

I seriously hope I get to see some of you there and if you can’t make it I’d appreciate it if you could spread the word for me, perhaps use that retweet button eh?

Normal podcast service will now be resumed….

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Is This Thing On Podcast 53

A bumper episode this week full of wonderful stuff.

My opening track was from the magnificent Schnauser Schnauser followed by the small but perfectly formed Clara Barker.  An exclusive little track from Indigo Earth (I think), then that nice Mr Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox came in and told us about Under the Laurels and Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards.  Veronica from Boobie Wednesday told us about her site and if you click here you can see this weeks “pair of the week” and they belong to Veronica herself.

Next came a great track from Japanese indie band Suinseinoboaz with many thanks to Jpoplover for that. The sadly one off “Song Story” featured the the mighty Matt Stevens .

I then played the great Fez mentioning that if you love them or have nothing better to do then pop over to and vote for them. I then played beautiful tracks fro The LCD and Tom Caulfield finishing off with a live instrumental from me.

Remember if you want to win some free cds then head off to podcast 50 and sort yourself out. Closing date for entries is the end of this month.

To listen and subscribe with iTunes click this funky button or to listen live now just click this loverly big button  Nick There’s a Podbean button on the right panel that will help you subscribe via rss or if you just want to listen to this episode now click here


Here’s a great video from this weeks first track band Schnauser


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