Is This Thing On Podcast 57



It’s another “lets focus on the music as Nick is a bit of a shambles” podcasts this week!

But what amazing music, I kicked off with  Three’s Company by the amazing Helen Austin Helen Austin then Can’t You See My Side by the brilliant Haunted Stereo Haunted Stereo and then Langir Skigger a live track recorded for Icelandic radio by the awesome Menn Arsins Menn Arsins. Paul Lane from Unplug The Jukebox and I chatted in my car about The Lost Souls Club.The Lost Souls Club

Then I played the brand new track Panic by the cosmic Gideon’s Demise followed by a new track by Paul LiddellPaul Liddell the cracking tune Boots.

I also found space to play a great track called Like a Drug by Australian band The Milkmen

I played a little demo that has the working title Froggy Demca.

I mentioned that the mighty Justin Wayne is working on a new website for me and urged you to check every now and then to follow its progress as great things will be happening there.

Congratulations to Wookies Girl for spotting her Pair of the Week last week. Cds and badges will be winging their way across the pond very soon.

Pair of the Week is a bit of fun to help promote the great Boobie Wednesday breast cancer awareness website and is a picture of a pair of clothed worksafe boobs. To see this weeks Pair Of The Week just click here and if they are your boobs then email me and I will send you some cds and a badge!

To listen to this weeks episode you can click here…


About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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4 Responses to Is This Thing On Podcast 57

  1. Thanks Nick! The song is called “Langir skuggar” though 🙂 (meaning Long Shadows).


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