Is This Thing On Podcast 53

A bumper episode this week full of wonderful stuff.

My opening track was from the magnificent Schnauser Schnauser followed by the small but perfectly formed Clara Barker.  An exclusive little track from Indigo Earth (I think), then that nice Mr Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox came in and told us about Under the Laurels and Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards.  Veronica from Boobie Wednesday told us about her site and if you click here you can see this weeks “pair of the week” and they belong to Veronica herself.

Next came a great track from Japanese indie band Suinseinoboaz with many thanks to Jpoplover for that. The sadly one off “Song Story” featured the the mighty Matt Stevens .

I then played the great Fez mentioning that if you love them or have nothing better to do then pop over to and vote for them. I then played beautiful tracks fro The LCD and Tom Caulfield finishing off with a live instrumental from me.

Remember if you want to win some free cds then head off to podcast 50 and sort yourself out. Closing date for entries is the end of this month.

To listen and subscribe with iTunes click this funky button or to listen live now just click this loverly big button  Nick There’s a Podbean button on the right panel that will help you subscribe via rss or if you just want to listen to this episode now click here


Here’s a great video from this weeks first track band Schnauser



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Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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