Is This Thing On Podcast 51

A nice chilled out start to this weeks podcast with the beautiful Late Riser, followed by the equally beautiful These Fine Galleons. Matt from  King Never makes everyone feel beautiful buy that tune here Possibilities The Hostages may think they are beautiful but they’re not a patch on Salme Dahlstrom who is quite gorgeous and you can buy her track here TheWaxEsatz are from up north so anything is possible. May KB makes beautiful music so therefore must be beautiful. Paul Lane from Unplug The Jukebox isn’t as beautiful as he thinks……..or is he?

I encouraged everyone to go out and find their own X Factor out in their town unless you want to watch people who think they can sing but can’t. There are loads of musicians doing plying their trade so forget the mediocre rubbish on the tv and get out and enjoy yourself.

I have extended the closing date of the competitions set out in Podcast 50, to the end of October so get along now and enter.

To listen to this podcast click here or use the iTunes link on the right.



About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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3 Responses to Is This Thing On Podcast 51

  1. Nick Tann says:

    I also the guest host on the might AMPed podcast

    Listen to me in the big house!

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