Is This Thing On Podcast 49

Nick Tann Is this thing on podcast 49

In this weeks very sober podcast I played a lovely little track by Tony Wallace called Turtle & Crab, a magnificent track by We Sell Sea Shells called Bad Monkey, a superb new track by The Cherry Bluestorms called Just a Kiss Away, one of my favourite tracks from Shinsei Kamattechan called  Otokawa Roman Daze Sunset , the brilliant Lite Filmlets and Imagine Game (not Image game as I said on the podcast),  the great Wax Ersatz and a track called Make a Man out of Me, Sounds Under Radio and their epic tune Sing My and a little song by me called I’m Gonna Break Your Heart I'm

I also chatted to Paul Lane from Unplug the Jukebox about The Visitors and their top new album daylight Breaking Daylight

Get ready for next weeks 50 podcast, loads of competitions and cds to give away.

To see a video of the Ustream gig I did yesterday click here

You can subscribe and listen to the podcast using iTunes by clicking this big button Nick or to listen now click here

Here’s that video that I mentioned that I did for Richard Vobes. As I mentioned we were both “winging it” Just click here to watch it


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3 Responses to Is This Thing On Podcast 49

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  2. Tony Wallace says:

    Thanks for including Turtle & Crab in your podcast! The song is available as a free download from my SoundCloud page:

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