Is This Thing On LITE #1

Is This Thing On lite



This is the second in a  series of mini podcasts aimed at being inserted as a feature in existing podcasts and radio shows and  lasts just five minutes and features three samples of music from Matt Stevens, Sand River and Sonny.  

It’s all part of my plan to take over the world, get people to listen independent non signed artists and to make some bloody money!  

Apologies to Ben for doing unthinkable things to his design, I just needed something in a hurry.  

UPDATEIf you now look to the right hand panel you can see, thanks my new friend seaneeboy, I have managed to make a feed for the lite version. Just click on it and you can subscribe to the lite version via a variety of devices including iTunes  

UPDATE #2 This has now been inserted into the legendary podcaster Richard Vobes daily podcast

About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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6 Responses to Is This Thing On LITE #1

  1. Seaneeboy says:

    Re the RSS Feeds, if you create a category called “Is This Thing On Lite” or something, then you can use the feed WordPress automagically creates for that category.

    Jobs a goodun!

  2. Nickofthet says:

    Thanks Seaneeboy, I’m trying but I feel seriously out of my depth here.

    I’m going in!

  3. Nickofthet says:

    Two hours later and I’ve done it!
    There’s now a little feed thing on the right >>
    Thanks Seaneeboy!

    Now to try and get a comment box……

  4. rachaelblogs says:

    Great podcast Nick, I’m gonig to subscribe to it in iTunes!!
    Loved Sonny – well all three are amazingly talented.


  5. Nickofthet says:

    Glad you enjoyed it rachel. It has taken me literally hours to put all this together…

  6. Nickofthet says:

    You can subscribe and listen to the big fat non-lite main podcast using the big fat iTunes button over there >>>>>^^^

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