Podcast Number 10

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This has been one of my favourites. I interview independent artist, musician, dancer, actor and great friend Charles Olsen. He talks about visits to, the now notorious, Branstons Farm in Surrey in the early nineties. Meeting Dave, Paul and myself in the early stages of Drunk on Logic, almost winning the Saatchi prize and living in Madrid. As he lives in Madrid , the only way I could do the interview was to record our Skype conversation and it turned out pretty good.

I found myself without a clip of Charlie playing Flamenco so had to Skype him to send one, only to find that he didn’t have one either. Fortunately he was able to record an impromptu piece on the spot and email it over. What a pro!

His web presence is amazing and has many a site to see as he does so much. Including a blog written in Spanish!

If you use iTunes to download this podcast then you will also be able to see the pics I added, screen grabs showing our Skype/recording session.

I also included one of my tunes as well as a 12 year old recording of Drunk On Logic’s first paid gig.

If you don’t have or fear the iTunes then you can listen or download by clicking here

About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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4 Responses to Podcast Number 10

  1. Matt Stevens says:

    Cool podcast as usual – fucking hell your mate is a great guitar player. How can it be wrong is great – if you autotuned and dirtyed the beats your’d be burial/flamenco – can you send it to me as an mp3 to play on my podcast next week?? (not saying your vocals needs aotune they are pitch perfect thats just the effect they use on dubstep tunes – the vocals sounds great) Did you use Logic???

  2. Nick Tann says:

    He’s not too shabby eh?I’ll send you an mp3 next week. I getting in to this dubstep thing….

  3. by the way it’s Bransdens… not the pickle!and cool how you got the pic of my street on there too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ‘leaves and pearls’ was performed by drunk on logic in february 1998 at the trash club(torrington arms in north finchley)

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