Podcast Number 9

My longest pod-cast yet! I managed to cram in part 2 of my conversation with the very successful Neil Drinkwater creator, manager and leader of The Red Stripe Band (Jools Holland on Speed!)

Some interesting information on how to make it as an independent musician. He’s been managing his band professionally for the past 6 years and has some funny and very useful insights, as well as some startling revelations.

A new jingle for www.youtube.com/yourenottheone.

I even managed to squeeze in two tunes, both from last weeks Pure Acoustica gig at The Dolphin in St Denys. Botyov 1791 singing 17 bottles of Stella and a bargain bottle of wine and me (yes me!) singing a drunken version of Pale Moonlight.

Do you, me and everyone a favour and subscribe to this loveliness by subscribing to this on iTunes. It’s the way forward plus you get to see the funky pictures that I cleverly embed!!!


About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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