Podcast number 3

Listening back to the first 2 podcasts I did that cringe thing that one does when one hears ones voice recorded. I’m used to hearing my singing voice. After spending hours, no really hours, listening back to it adjusting the reverb or bits of eq I ‘ve got used to it. My spoken voice is another matter add to that the idea that I am spouting the most boring monotonous garbage we have a nice little jumble of fresh neurosis.

So on to podcast number 3. In a nutshell I was too tired to do it properly but I did it anyway.
Listening to it now with Mrs Nick it sounds slightly better as she smiles reassuringly in that way that she does.
Ok it is rambling, messy and a little confused, I know I forgot to mention things I said I was going to mention but that’s what I’m like so deal with it.
There will be better ones and I’m sure there will be worse but I do love doing it.
If there is something that you think would make these podcasts sound better, more interesting or if there is something you want to know then make a comment.

About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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2 Responses to Podcast number 3

  1. yeah, maybe choose a good moment when you feel inspired or are really happy about something but then.. it IS honest.. and waffley.. and an idea: how about recording some chats with former band members and other friends using skype? keep’em coming 🙂

  2. Nick Tann says:

    I was pretty happy. Paul is a monk and Dave in an impoverished postman without a computer… oh were you thinking about a Madrid based artists, bit part actor and flamenco guitarist?Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

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