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This is the last post that I will publish from this site. I have now switched to the new site which is at so if you have subscribed by email then you can re subscribe at the new site.

I have set up a special wordpress plugin that will take you straight to the new site when you enter this address, hopefully!

The new site is way better, come and see!


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Is This Thing On Podcast 63

A look back at some of the artists I have met during the course of 2010. I started off with the great Haunted Stereo and their great tune Can You See My Side?Followed by the mighty Broken Links and Shelter Your Loss , Marvin B NaylorA Little Speck of Blue, Matt Stevens Dolls House, Salme Dahlstrom C’mon Y’all, Gideon’s Demise Glow, Jim Chorley Nothin Like Your Love, Helen Austin When We Were Young, Doyle and The Forefathers Every Woman You Meet, The Real Raj Ingenue, Indigo Earth Land Of Dreams, Jennie Walker Simon, Sand River The Reprisal (Kid Dust pt 3) and Lewis MacLeanBetter Than This. Then came the Watch With Mothers tune Floating Tits of Calypso finishing of with one of my tunes,a remastered version of All I Think About Is You. Pop over to my bandcamp site to listen and purchase

Have a click around and buy something eh?






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Is This Thing on Podcast 62 Podcast Xmas Special Part Two

Part two does start,eventually after about 12 seconds, sorry about that but there were technical problems with this one.

Apoc told us the tale of a Canadian Xmas followed by the mighty Matt Stevens with his Xmas address. A great track Fearless by ITTO fave Paul Liddell then Repeat by Tommy Eye (ft Matt Diaper), Odin the Great by Defy 4Unravelling from Liz Longley, a tune from me which you can download for a £1 by clicking hereSarah Griffin bought us close to the end with her brilliant tune poet and the whole chaotic festive jumble was bought to an end by The Lost Boys and their cracking tune I don’t want to be a Christmas Single.

That’s it for this year, the next podcast will hopefully go live in a couple of weeks so keep checking all the usual places.

The new website is close to being completed. You can now catch up with podcast 15 to the present day now with each episode having it’s own little player. Have a look around as it will be the new permanent home very soon.

Hope you have a great time over the holiday and I’ll be back in the new year.


To listen to this ep just click here it does start after about 12 seconds

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Is This Thing On Podcast 62 Xmas Special Part One

It’s a big one this week enough to keep you going over the festive period as I will be taking a couple of weeks off.

I was joined by that nice Paul Lane from UnplugThejukebox and Doyle and Ben from Doyle & The Forefathers who apart from playing a brand new song and an old favourite, join us in putting the world of music to rights.

I kick off with a very xmasie tune by the wonderful Salme Dahlstrom followed by Black & White Christmas by Isle of Mann band Postcode. The two “Doyles” then give us a brand new tune call Spend a lot of time alone from their soon to be released album which is then followed by Sometimes from The Lost Souls Club, then Pick up Sticks from Super Adventure Club. I then play the the tune that gave me the idea to do an xmas special in the first place We Three Kings by the glorious King Never followed by Paul’s choice Future at Last by the very excellent Woven Bird

That wraps up part one

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Is This Thing On Podcast 61

A mainly talkie podcast this week as I am very busy building new websites.

Paul Lane has great chat with that nice Mark Lawrence from Broken Links with me piping in every now and then.

Then a chat I had earlier in the evening with the lovely Jennie Walker.

If you want to help her in her quest to win countless flights on British Airways then click here and vote. But hurry as the competition closes in 6 days from today.

It’s the bumper Xmas edition next week. If you want a dedication then send me an email to

If you want to see what websites I’m working on then click here and follow the developments as the days go by…..

To listen to this podcast now click here

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Is This Thing on 60

Is This Thing On Podcast 60

Is This Thing On Podcast 60

In this weeks cast I play Vendor Defenders excellent track Golden Shiver, Wayters track Cheese Sandwich, Last Child Standing track John Connor’s rhapsody, Indigo Earth’s track Land Of Dreams, Joe Welfairs track Useless Kid, Shoulders of Giants track She’s In Love, Schnauser track Cosmic Ordering Service, DanMingos track Oh My God, Mohatra’s track Buzz and a little tune by me 3am

Some changes with the websites this week but more about that next week.

So listen to this weeks podcast now just click here

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Is This Thing On Podcast 59

Nick Tann Is This Thing on Podcast 59

Nick Tann Is This Thing on Podcast 59

As I explain, a bit late this week…

I kick off with an amazing track by the marvelous Marvin B Naylor with a track called Boy Became a Man that I recorded live at a Pure Acoustica event at The White Swan In Winchester.

I followed that up with great track called Flowers by Southampton ban The Lost Boys

The picture above shows how this weeks Unplug The Jukebox with Paul Lane was recorded…

A lovely piece of jazz by the sublime Matt Erion Trio leads me in to an interview with the wonderful Helen Austin a Brit in a land similar to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, probably..She makes a few bucks (Canadian) by getting her tunes on tv shows and adverts.

Another live tune this time by Southampton’s Uke Supergroup The Spiraltones

I mentioned the forthcoming Xmas bumper special. If you want to send a dedication then email me at with some audio or just an email and I will read it out on the bumper Xmas show. DEADLINE will be Friday 17th December so get recording and emailing and stuff , remembering to put XMAS in the subject header.

Finally I mentioned that I was looking for a new host for all my websites and podcasts and asked your opinion on Hostgator and JustHost. I like them both but who is best?

I think that was all, wasn’t it?

Subscribe on iTunes by clicking this Nick Tann - Is This Thing On? or click the podbean button over there on the right OR just click here to hear it now.

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